A Look into Legal Aspects of Singapore Online Gambling

Online gambling has become one of the most popular pastimes for players all over the world. While there are hundreds of online casinos that claim to accept international players, it is actually the responsibility of each player to learn the gambling laws where they reside. For players from Singapore, it is essential to determine whether the law supports this form of gambling before accessing any online casino and surely before conducting any online cash betting. Wit legal gambling, players will be protected by laws, so it is one of the most important aspects of gambling online. For Singapore players, the laws regarding online gambling have never really been clear. Some will state that the country is unsure on where they stand on this issue while other will state that any form of online betting is completely illegal in Singapore.

There are currently two different Acts that govern gambling in this location. They include the Betting Act and the Common Gaming House Act. Both of these will provide specific exemptions for betting by members of a racing club. However, when it comes to online gambling, there are no specific laws in place that state whether this activity is legal or not. Since many online casinos operate abroad, there are no true Singapore online casinos, meaning that no establishment is currently operating in Singapore under Singapore gambling laws.

While the issue is still the topic of great debate, a number of players from Singapore have been enjoying the action of online casinos in these international sites. Many sites will cater to Singapore players by offering local currencies, native languages and preferred payment methods. Since there are no known laws restricting access to these site, Singapore players are basically free to find an online casino and engage in cash gambling. At this time, there have been no circumstances where any individual player has ever been fined or penalised for gambling in an online casino.

There has been a recent opening of casinos in Singapore and these are governed by the Casino Control Act. This act regulated the operation and licensing on land casinos located in Singapore, but there is no mention of online casinos. To date, players will learn that since there are no laws restricting this action, online gambling is a viable option for players who wish to play cash casino games online from their homes. These players may be charged if they try to open any public place where online gambling can take place, but as long as the action is being done in a private residence, there are no consequences as of yet.

With so many online casinos available, players from Singapore will have access to some of the greatest games ever created. These games can be played for real money wagers or for fun, presenting a realistic casino feel for any player. For players from Singapore, the laws may be unclear, but here is nothing stating that online gambling is in fact illegal.