Top RTG Blackjack Choices

Published: April 17, 2017

Players who enjoy the action of table and card games will often turn their attention to blackjack games when they are playing at an online casino. These games have great player advantages and one can make use of game strategies to lower the house edge and have more opportunities to collect payouts. When playing at an online casino that is powered by RTG, Singapore players will find some great variations of the classic blackjack game. All of these games can be played for various bet amounts so that players with small or large casino budgets can enjoy the thrills of blackjack at all times.

The two most popular versions of the game from RGTG are Standard Blackjack and European Blackjack. These both use 6 decks when playing and have the same objective of getting hands as close to 21 without busting. Some RTG powered online casinos will offer Single and Double Deck Standard Blackjack as well. With European Blackjack, most rules are the same with the exception of doubling down, which can only be dine on hands from 9 to 11. There is also no surrender option with European Blackjack.

Faceup 21 is another game found at RTG casinos and this is similar to standard blackjack, though 8 decks are used. All cards will be dealt face up, which will change how players make their hand decisions. The dealer will win on all push hands and blackjack pays even money. Matchplay 21 is another game that can be enjoyed and this game is played with no tens in the deck. It is usually played with 8 decks and the dealer will have an advantage since the tens are not being used. The game does offer special bets that will offer payouts in certain card combinations that achieve 21. This game offers a fun twist on a standard blackjack game and has become one of the more popular variations from RTG.

RTG offers other blackjack variations as well, but these are the most popular played online. At most casino sites, payers can test any of these games in a free version before betting and will find that the payouts are rewarding. RTG has created the games to replicate a land casino experience, so players can expect realistic graphics and sounds and all the game features they would enjoy at a land location.