Getting Your Start in Red Dog Quickly and Easily

Published: March 6, 2014

A lot of people skip out on certain table games and classic casino games because they feel like they are all boring. While some games don't have as much entertainment value as others, it's always a good idea to add games to your repertoire that are easy to learn and easy to play so that you're able to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way with promotions, playing with friends, etc. Red Dog is one of those games a lot of people skip over because they don't want to learn something new, but it can be a fun game with a lot of action.

The basic gameplay of Red Dog is that you place a bet, and then two cards are dealt. You then get the option to double your bet or keep it the same. A third card is then dealt, and if it lands between the first two cards, then you win. There are stipulations in place to deal with what happens when the first two cards are the same rank or one rank apart, and there are bonus payouts for winning with very small spreads, or gaps between the first two cards.

When the first two cards in Red Dog are the same rank, a third is dealt. If the third card is also the same rank, then you receive a bonus payout worth 11 times your original bet. This is a pretty cool sort of jackpot play that comes around once in a while. If they are one rank apart, then you have a push and the next hand is dealt. Other than that, the spread is established based on how many ranks there are between the ranks of the first two cards with the ace always being the high. So if you have a king and a ten, then you have a spread of two.

If you win on a spread of one, you get a 5x payout. A 4x payout is given when you win on a spread of two, and a spread of three will award you a nice 2x payout. All other spreads award you a 1x win. As far as doubling your bet goes, you should only do so if the spread is at least seven. Since seven is considered a "lucky" number, the correct strategy for this game is pretty easy to remember.